Volunteers Catch Work on Fill-in For Brunswick Rescue
By Captain Matthew Thews
March 4, 2017

On Saturday March 4, 2017, Brunswick Volunteer Ambulance and Rescue Company held their annual awards banquet. BVAR asked New Market District VFC to provide standby coverage of Rescue Squad 19 for the night. The NMDVFC provided four volunteers to cover RS19 all night. The crew's only call came at 2324 hours when box 5-14 was sounded for the house on fire in the 6000 block of Gapland Road near Burkittsville. RS19 (Sgt. Thews) responded with a crew of four volunteers. Chief 7 (Harne) arrived on the scene to find a fully involved modular style home and established command. A tanker task force was requested. RS19 arrived shortly thereafter as the first piece on the scene and performed a 360 of the home for command. E72 arrived and stretched a line to begin an exterior attack. The crew of RS19 pulled an additional line at the request of command and began to knock fire to the rear of the home, including fire extending into the woods. RS19's crew performed various tasks including fire attack, opening up for attack crews, and overhaul operations. The crew remained on the scene well into the morning and cleared at 0430 hours. We are always happy to assist other companies with standby crews and glad we could be of some help to the residents of western Frederick County.

Units: RS19
Mutual Aid: WCE81 E51 E72 E201 E122 A197 A79 TR5 WCET8 T5 T7 ET204 WCRE61 C7 BAT901 BAT902 SFT901 Tanker TF: WCT6 WCET1 WCET11 LCT612 JCT1 T1 ET34 WCE112 WCSUP11-7