Rollover with Entrapment on Interstate 70
By Captain Matthew Thews
April 18, 2017

On Tuesday April 18th at 1342 hours, Carroll Chief 12 (Ruch) advised Emergency Communications of a vehicle accident with rollover on Interstate 70 Eastbound just prior to Route 75. With A159 being on another call, E152(DFRS Capt. Newman), D15(Capt. Thews), and C15-2(AFC Betts) responded on the call with 6 personnel. Just prior to the arrival of other units CCC12 advised that there was a single vehicle involved with one patient trapped. D15 arrived and confirmed the entrapment and established the Interstate 70 command. Upon evaluating injuries, command held the assignment with A339, CCM1, CCR1, and E152. CCR1 arrived and performed the extrication, removing the both driver side doors and the B-post. E152 assisted with the extrication and stood by with a charged hose line. The patient was extricated in about 15 minutes and transferred to the care of the EMS units. The patient was transported and all units cleared a short time later.

Units: E152 D15 C15-2 A259
Mutual Aid: A339 CCM1 CCR1 E331 CCC12