New Market Volunteers Attend MATR's "Technical Rescue Weekend"
By Captain Matthew Thews
April 30, 2017

The New Market Volunteers recently sent ten members, along with Rescue Squad 15, Utility 15, and Boat 15 to attend the first ever Maryland offering of Mid-Atlantic Technical Rescue's Technical Rescue Weekend. This program combined many Technical Rescue disciplines to offer students one challenging scenario after another. Crews dealt with four different scenarios, which combined steep/high angle rope rescue, heavy rigging, confined space operations, and boat operations. Each scenario took place over four hours and the volunteers spent the whole weekend learning, gaining experience, and building confidence in these complex environments. Good work by all of our volunteers and a special thanks to Union Bridge Fire Company for hosting the program.

Members Attending:

Capt Tyler Conaway
Capt Matthew Thews
Lt Brady Thews
Sgt Matthew Chapman
FFIII Derek White
FFII Max Berger
FFI Kiefer Klingensmith
FFI Tyler Fuller
FFI Andrew Kennedy
FFI Kyle Fremming

Units: RS15 U15 BT15