New Market Volunteers Host MSFA Rural Spring Water Supply Drill
By Captain Matthew Thews
May 7, 2017

The New Market District Volunteer Fire Company hosted the spring Maryland State Fireman's Association Rural Water Supply Drill on Sunday May 7th. The New Market Volunteers staffed E152, E154(Reserve Unit), RS15, B156, C15-1, and D15 with 20 members. The morning started off with an briefing and breakfast at Station 15 by the New Market Volunteers and Auxiliary members. All units then proceeded to the drill sites assigned by command. The dump site and site for fire attack were at the Green Valley Elementary School on Fingerboard Road. Fill sites were established at nearby water supply sites, including a pond on Weller Road. ET254 served as the attack pumper and along Tower 23, numerous master streams were set up to simulate a large fire flow. Crews worked hard to maintain the fire flow using a tanker shuttle that included many of the large capacity tankers in the region. E152 served as the dump site supply pumper, with B156 assisting with managing the folding tanks. Crews kept the water flowing for over two hours and flowed about 110,000 gallons in all. Lunch was again served by the New Market Volunteers after the drill at Station 15, where the final debrief was conducted. Good work by all those who took part in another successful MSFA water supply drill.

Special thanks go out to Kentland Volunteer Fire Department for filling in at Station 15 with E332 (E833B) while New Market units participated in the drill.

Units: E152 E154 RS15 B156 C15-1 D15 ET254
Mutual Aid: Numerous units from Frederick, Carroll and Montgomery Counties