Volunteers take in First Due Kitchen Fire
By Fire Chief Benjamin Nalborczyk
June 7, 2017

At 1913hrs on Wednesday June 7th, Box Alarm 15-28 was rung out for the report of a kitchen fire in the 5500blk Sponseller Ct, E152(FC Nalborczyk), C15-1(DFC Moe), C15-3(AFC Kennedy) Capt15-2(Capt Thews) and B156(Sgt Chapman) responded with a total of eleven (11) volunteers. First arriving Capt15-2 found a kitchen fire with moderate smoke in the house, he performed a 360 of the structure and assured all occupants were out. E152 arrived on the scene and stretched an attack line. E152 found a stove on fire with extension to the microwave and cabinets above, E152 made quick work of assuring all fire was extinguished and began checking for extension. After the appliances were removed and the walls around the area were opened up to check for extension, the assignment was scaled back to Company-15 units and Tower-23(Urbana VFC) to vent smoke from the structure.

During this incident Ambulance-159 and Rescue Squad-15 were staffed and concurrently on other emergency responses and details.

Units: E152 C15-1 C15-3 B156 ET254
Mutual Aid: E331 E231 E31 A339 RS3 TWR23 BC901 SFT901 E23