Volunteers Respond to Double Fatal Collision on Interstate 70
By Captain Matthew Thews
September 3, 2017

On Sunday September 3rd at 0645 hours units from New Market and Mount Airy were alerted for a vehicle accident with entrapment on Interstate 70 Eastbound at the Weigh Station. A159 (FF2 N. Kline), RS15 (Lt. Bowles), E152 (FC Nalborczyk), C15-2 (AFC Betts), C15-3 (AFC Kennedy), and U15 (Tech. G. White) responded on the call with 18 volunteers. While enroute, units were advised that Maryland State Police units were on the scene confirming entrapment and a possible trauma code. Units arrived to find a pick up truck wrapped around a tree with four patients. One patient was ejected and was a priority one trauma, while another patient was a trauma code and severely pinned. Additionally there was a priority two patient requiring ALS care and a priority three patient. C15-3 established the I-70 Command and crews immediately went to work. The pinned patient was declared priority four by an MSP flight medic on scene, so crews focused on treatment of the other patients. Additional EMS units were requested and three patients were transported from the scene. One patient unfortunately succumbed to their injuries while enroute to the trauma center and resuscitation efforts were unsuccessful. Aviation was down due to weather, so all patients had to be transported by ground. The MSP investigated the collision due to the fatalities, and then the priority four patient was extricated. Crews were on scene for over 3 hours to assist the MSP and the medical examiner. Our Prayers go to the families involved in this horrific collision.

Units: A159 RS15 E152 U15 C15-2 C15-3 A259
Mutual Aid: CCM18 CCM19 CCR1 EMS901 BAT901 A339 M17 M23
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