Squad and Deputy Chief Go to Building Fire in New Windsor
By Captain Matthew Thews
January 24, 2018

On Wednesday January 24th, Carroll County units were alerted for a small building fire in the 3300 block of Hooper Road in Co. 10's first due. This call was just miles away from and a few minutes after the house fire dispatched on Cabbage Spring Road. Carroll County Co. 10 units went on scene with a garage type building fully involved and requested a full box assignment. A rapid intervention dispatch and tanker task force were also quickly added. Units were pulled from many unusual companies at great distances due to the two-alarm fire just down the road from this fire. RS15 (Sgt. Chapman) was alerted on the RID assignment and responded along with C15-1 (DFC Kennedy) with 9 volunteers. The squad arrived and was quickly put to work opening up the building for engine crews. The squad remained on scene for a couple hours while extinguishment and investigation took place. Carroll Chief 10-1 (Moser) held the Hooper Road command.

Units: RS15 C15-1
Mutual Aid: CCE102 CCE81 CCE33 CCE124 CCL5 CCRS6 CCT6 T9 HCWS3 CCC3-1 CCEMS10-1 CCU10-1 FD100 RID: E161 CCM39 Tanker TF: CCET84 CCET54 ET114 CCET44 CCE131 CCBR135 CCSU6