D-Shift Catches Work at Urbana House Fire
By Captain Matthew Thews
January 22, 2018

On Monday January 22nd around 1645 hours units from Urbana and Green Valley were alerted for a chimney fire in the 8400 block of Peters Road in Urbana. Units arrived to find smoke showing from a single family house and a working fire in the attic. The house was back a very long driveway that had limited access for heavy units, which would present issues for water supply and fire attack. A box assignment was filled, along with a rapid intervention dispatch and tanker task force. E152 (DFRS Capt. Fisher) responded on the box as the 5th due engine company. E152 arrived fourth and was assigned as the rapid intervention team. Crews got a quick knock on the fire, but getting crews back the lane to relieve the initial companies took some time. There were also water supply issues as no supply line was able to be laid down the driveway, and no tankers were able to cross a small bridge in the driveway. Crews overcame these issues and were about to limit the spread of the fire to the attic space. E152 cleared after about an hour on scene.

Units: E152 ET254 A259
Mutual Aid: E231 MCPRE709 E311 RS14 Q14 TWR23 A239 ET233 MCT709 ET34 BAT901 SFT901 B235 C23-1 RID: E331 TR41 M23 EMS901 Tanker TF: T1 MCT713 MCT714 ET204 ET114 MCPE735 BAT902
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