Press Release: Collision Involving New Market Ambulance
By Captain Matthew Thews
March 14, 2018

New Market, MD – (March 14th, 2018) On Tuesday March 13th, 2018 at roughly 5:20PM a responding Ambulance from New Market
District Volunteer Fire Company, New Market Station was responding eastbound on West Main Street to a report of a building fire in
the New Market Commons Shopping Center when it was involved in personal injury collision at the intersection of West Main St and
Eighth Alley in New Market. The unit staffed by two members of the Frederick County Department of Fire and Rescue Services was
immediately placed out of service form the initial response and a subsequent EMS unit placed on that assignment by Frederick
County Emergency Communications. Crews from the New Market Station immediately began tending to the emergency medical
needs of the citizens and fellow responders thus requesting appropriate resources to mitigate the situation. In all two emergency
responders and two citizens were transported to Frederick Memorial Hospital for evaluation of minor non-life threatening injuries
and since have been released from the hospital.

Citizens should be aware that this collision was investigated by Frederick County Sheriff’s Office and staff of the Frederick County
Department of Fire and Rescue Services Safety Office and found to not be the fault of the responding ambulance from the New Market
Station. It shall also be known that while members of New Market District Volunteer Fire Company and Frederick County Department
of Fire and Rescue Services worked to mitigate this situation, EMS service was never lost to the community as Frederick County
Emergency Communications transferred a staffed Ambulance from the Independent Hose Company of Frederick, MD to fill the New
Market Station quarters and provide Basic Life Support Service. Post incident the Volunteers of New Market District Volunteer Fire
Company have obtained a Reserve Ambulance provided by Frederick County Department of Fire and Rescue Services and placed unit
in service as the primary Basic Life Support unit by 8PM yesterday thus causing no service interruptions to the citizens of the New
Market Stations primary response area.

It shall be noted that we highly encourage citizens to take an extra few seconds and cautiously proceed after an initial responding
unit passes your vehicle as many responses require multiple response units from the same station location to respond to mitigate an
incident. We request you pull far to the right and stay there until you assure all responding public safety vehicles have passed, safely.
This does not go without saying that if you are approaching emergency vehicles that are operating on a scene, slow down and move
over giving the responding personnel the appropriate safety buffer they need to mitigate the incident at hand.

We at the New Market District Volunteer Fire Company appreciate all the support shown and continued support from our community
and supporters as we work through this situation. Even though this incident will come as a minor setback for our department we will
remain mission focused and ready to respond without failure or delay when you are in need of our services. We could not be who,
what and/or where we are without our community and supporters and we are grateful for that. For further information about the
Collision Involving New Market Ambulance, please contact Fire Chief Benjamin Nalborczyk at 240-357-1083 or