First Due House Fire for D-Shift and Volunteers
By Captain Matthew Thews
July 12, 2018

On Thursday, July 12th at 1316 hours, Box 15-7 was alerted for the house fire in the 6100 block of Detrick Road. E152 (DFRS Capt. Davis), RS15 (DFC Kennedy), A159 (DFRS), B156 (Tech. Bowman), and C15 (FC Nalborczyk) responded on the run with 11 personnel. Chief 15 arrived on scene to find smoke showing from a two story farm house and requested the RID and tanker task force. Chief 15 established command, while E152 laid a supply line from Detrick Road and began an interior fire attack. RS15 arrived and was ordered to complete a primary search of the structure and control utilities in the home. E152 discovered a fire on the first floor and make a quick knockdown. The fire was discovered to involve the electric panel, so it could not be completely extinguished until the power company arrived on scene. Rural water supply operations were established, with fill sites at the pond at Detrick Road and Barnett Drive, a hydrant at Food Lion in New Market, and the cistern at Linganore High School. C717B was assigned to Water Supply. The fire was extinguished in short order, with extension into the ceiling and walls, but was held in check by the efforts of first due companies.

Units: E152 RS15 A159 C15 E251
Mutual Aid: E172 CCE12 E331 Q11 T17 CCT1 ET114 ET233 BAT901 SFT901 C717B C1-4 RID: E161 TWR23 CCM18 M17 BAT902 Tanker TF: MCT713 T1 HCET44 T9 MCT709 E23 B175