New Special Ops Equipment Placed in Service
By Captain Matthew Thews
July 21, 2018

Ever wonder where your donations go once you have sent them in? The answer is paying for our building, fire apparatus, and sometimes new equipment.

On Friday, the New Market Special Operations division worked hard to place in service some new equipment that was made possible by the contributions of our community. The rescue squad and boat company both received new rope and rope bags, bringing them to a total compliment of 1200’ each. Each unit also received a CMC Multi-Purpose Device, Sterling PowerCord, and state of the art Rock Exotica Omni swivel pulleys. The RS also received some new B/A Products Co. snatch blocks and shackles.

This new equipment will keep our special operations capabilities on the leading edge and help us provide the best service possible to our citizens. Thank you!

Units: RS15 BT15