Engine assist Libertytown with a Barn Fire
By Fire Chief Benjamin Nalborczyk
August 3, 2018

On Friday August 3rd at 2204 hours, Box 17-36 was alerted for the barn on fire in the 11100 block of Repp Road near Union Bride. The initial units on scene reported a 20x80 barn fully involved upon arrival and requested a tanker task force. E152(Sgt Chapman) responded with 6 volunteers replacing failed units on the initial assignment. FD100(DFC Coe) established the Repp Road command and ordered an exterior attack as the structure was already failing. First alarm units attacked the fire with numerous hose lines, while simultaneously setting up for rural water operations and a tanker shuttle. E152 was tasked with assisting with suppression on the fire ground for a few hours before the fire was declared out.

Units: E152
Mutual Aid: E172, CCE81, E161, E94, CCE101, CCM89, RE171, Q11, T17, CCET84, T9, C17, C17-1, FD100, B175, BC902, SFTY901 Tanker Task Force: E132, CCET54, T22, ET224, ET184, ET104