Rescue Squad Goes to Union Bridge House Fire
By Assistant Fire Chief Matthew Thews
February 14, 2019

At 0211 hours on Thursday January 14th, Box 9-9 was alerted for the house fire with persons trapped in the 13500 block of Good Intent Road in Union Bridge. Initial units went on scene with a working fire in a large single family home. All occupants safely escaped the home, and first arriving crews went to work extinguishing the fire. A tanker task force and rapid intervention dispatch were requested by command. RS15 (Sgt. White) responded with 4 volunteers to replace units that had failed to respond. The crew assisted with fire ground operations and was released when the fire was extinguished. Units remained on scene for several hours to assist the fire marshal. FD100 (DFC Coe) held the Good Intent Road Command.

Units: RS15
Mutual Aid: CCE81 E94 E172 CCE101 E161 CCM89 CCLDR5 Q11 CCET84 T9 T17 BAT902 SFT901 FD100 C9 C11-1 CCC8 CCU8 CCRE102 ET134 CCET54 ET184 RID: ET114 RS24 RS6 A169 M17 EMS901 Tanker TF: CCT6 ET104 ET64 T22 CCET112 CCE52 BAT901