Weekend Full of Training at New Market Volunteer Fire Company
By Benjamin Harris
April 15, 2019

This weekend was a very busy for New Market Volunteers. From Friday evening through Sunday, Rescue Squad 15 attended training with Mid Atlantic Technical Rescue, as part of their "Technical Rescue Weekend" course. While many volunteers were away with that training our firefighters trained on extinguishing vehicle fires with E152, putting on a demonstration for the recruitment open house. Vehicle fires were conducted agin on Sunday. Last but certainly not least our EMS team ensured that all of our staff became trained on how to use the new "Lucas 3" device New Market Volunteer Fire Company recently purchased with the help of a 50/50 MIEMSS grant.

MATR "Tech Rescue Weekend" - Out volunteers trained for 3 long days, learning about and drilling on vehicle / machinery extraction and technical rescue scenarios. They lifted large trucks, conducted heavy rigging operations, incorporated high-angle rope skills, as well as vehicle stabilization and extrication.

LUCAS "3" Device - Our department was able to purchase a Lucas "3" device with the assistance of a MIEMSS 50/50 grant, which covered half the expense of the nearly $15,000 piece of equipment. The device enables our EMS staff to provide continuous, uninterrupted and autonomous chest compressions for cardiac arrest patients, freeing up providers to perform other important life saving actions. Training was held on the device all weekend for many our our duty shifts and volunteer personnel. It is now in service and providing life-saving care to our community.