Turkey to Ham Sportsman's Raffle 2023
By Fire Chief Benjamin Nalborczyk
August 22, 2023

The New Market District VFC is excited to announce our Turkey to Ham Sportsman's Raffle that tickets are on sale for NOW! Starting on Thanksgiving (11/24/23) lasting until Christmas (12/25/23) with a Loser's Draw on New Year's Eve 2023 in total we will be giving out 33 Sportsman's prizes based off the Maryland Evening Pick 3 Lottery Number, the straight number will be utilized, no other configurations. Those not wishing to take the Sportsman's Prize can elect to take the Cash Option for their prize, both the prize and cash option are on the attached Prize List. On the 15th of December (Firehouse Number) we will be giving a Cash Increase to the listed prize, based on the percentage of ticket sold, hopefully 100%, we will break that percentage down into the nearest tenths and pull a ball from our Bingo Machine, the percentage times the number pulled will equal the prize, it could anywhere from $1 to $750 worth of an additional cash prize, the pulling of the Bingo Ball will take place on Facebook Live the 14th of December. Members are locked and loaded with tickets and ready to sell, check in with your local NMDVFC Member, we will also have tickets available at the station for purchase Monday through Friday from 6PM to 9PM and Saturday and Sunday 9AM until 9PM. Tickets are also on sale at Adkins Automotive of Boonsboro and R&R Guns and Ammo of Brunswick as well as on our online platform at www.nmvfc15raffles.org. If anyone is willing to assist with selling tickets or helping with advertising, please don't hesitate to reach out to this email. As with all fundraisers, we could not do without them and the funds generated from them, which is all a direct reflection of your continued support to our department.