New Ambulance-158 Progress Report #1
By Fire Chief Benjamin Nalborczyk
October 3, 2023

As previously announced, we have entered into a contract with Road Rescue, Inc. and Atlantic Emergency Solutions for the purchase of a 2023 RAM Road Rescue Ambulance, this unit will be known as Ambulance-158. This unit replaces the last tax funded unit thus rendering New Market's sixteen (16) piece fleet all Volunteer Owned, made only possible by the continued support at our fundraisers, our community contributions and EMS Billing Funds.

Ambulance-158's chassis is making great progress in the chassis prep area and the box or patient area of the unit has made significant progress.

Please stay tuned as we post more reports of the progress on our new unit, we are eagerly awaiting the units delivery so we can prepare the unit to serve our community.

Attachment BG655004Trucks_In_Production_Report_PDF (74).pdf  (646k)