Over 100 New Market Volunteers Complete RIT Training
By Recruiter Ben Harris
January 30, 2020

Over the course of two (2) months New Market District Volunteer Fire Company has had over 100 volunteers participate in RIT(Rapid Intervention Team) training supervised by Chief 15(Nalborczyk). In the past RIT was designed to be there when things go horribly wrong. They were the individuals with the specialized equipment to get the trapped Fire Fighter out of a situation he/she was stuck in. Now New Market DVFC has transferred to a more blended system to have Fire Fighters work on self and buddy recovery methods. New Market DVFC has increased the importance of our volunteers utilizing these techniques and teaching all of our volunteers properly. Using our very own backyard the Training Committee and the Fire Chief set up a Rit Training Drill. The drill consisted of many different obstacles such as SCBA Confidence Drill, Wire Entanglement prop, Wall Prop, Firefighter Down Scenarios, and a Denver Drill.

Some people may ask why New Market DVFC trains so hard? The reason is because putting that Company 15 Shield on a helmet or wearing any of the New Market DVFC attire is a statement. They are the only volunteers around that complete a minimum of 12 hours volunteering every week for a Duty crew. During that 12 hours staff equipment, hands on training, respond to calls and build the bond that ensures trust in the volunteers on left and right of them.