By Board of Directors Greg Lawson
February 7, 2020

Around 0800 this morning a strong wind storm with possible tornado like activity found its way though Frederick county causing severe damage to the New market area .

Company 15 Volunteers along with DFRS crews staffed 2 Engines, 2 ambulances, the Rescue squad and several support vehicles to help serve our community and respond to calls throughout the event.

Company 15 responded to several incidents due to the storm, including: structure damage, electrical wires down, trees down in roadway, welfare checks, vehicle accidents and a brush fire.

One person had to be assisted from their home after a large tree fell into her residence causing severe structural damage. They were assisted back to station 15 for shelter. The American Red Cross was alerted to assist the subject

Chief-15 held the New Market area command

*** Photos from today's event were collected from on-duty personnel and the community we serve ***

Units: A-159 , A-158, E-152 , E-153 , RS-15 , BRUSH-156 , U-15 , CHIEF-15 , FIRE POLICE 15-D

Karen Orrence February 07, 2020 at 4:32 PM
Thanks to all the first responders who helped today. We are blessed to have you.

Shin-Jong Chung February 21, 2020 at 7:56 AM
Thanks for helping the town back to normal.