Child Rescued from Tall Tree
By Board of Directors Greg Lawson
June 1, 2020

New Market responds to a high angle rescue on the 11000 block of Worchester Dr in New Market.

Chief 15(Nalborczyk), Ambulance 159(DFRS FF Hirsch), Rescue Squad 15(LT Chapman), Support 15(Capt Williamson) and Engine 152(DFRS Capt Osele) responded with a total of sixteen (16) personnel.

Child was stuck about 35ft high in the tree and first responders worked hand in hand to get the ladder stable and rescue the child. Everyone is back on the ground safely.

There were no transports and units cleared within the hour !!

Units: A159 E152 RS15 SUP15 C15
Mutual Aid: TR41 BAT901