Second Ambulance Service Restored at Company-15
By Fire Chief Benjamin Nalborczyk
June 1, 2020

Over a year ago the New Market DVFC and Frederick DFRS entered into an agreement for Station-15 to house a Reserve Ambulance on the East End of the county, in short order New Market DVFC stocked that unit as a Ready to Serve Reserve Ambulance and was given the green light to respond with the unit when appropriate. The unit served well but it was quickly noticed it spent a lot more time serving as Ambulance-158 then being available as a Reserve Ambulance.

Chief Nalborczyk made contact with DFRS Leadership and requested that Reserve Ambulance 7 be replaced with a unit that could/would be known as Ambulance-158 and that be its primary mission as in the short time Reserve Ambulance 7 had been with us it had answered well over 100 calls for service as the 2nd Ambulance from our firehouse. Chief Coe made good on the request and provided us with the current Ambulance-158 a 2017 Ford/Horton as of June 1st, 2020. The unit has only been in service for a few days and has responded to numerous calls for service in its very short time.

The New Market DVFC previously had second or multiple ambulance service but that practice was disband in 2013 as we moved forward with our building project and restructuring of our staffing model to only having daytime (M-F 6a-6p) DFRS Staffing. As our community continued to grow so did our department and through much planning and capital projects such as the addition of our Auxiliary Building, our FEMA SAFER Grant, the training and commitment of our volunteers and the support of EMS Billing Funds and our community we have become capable to provide the second ambulance service at a level that is beneficial to the community.

Ambulance-158 our second ambulance serves as a true cooperative effort between the Department of Fire/Rescue Services and New Market District Volunteer Fire Company as the second ambulance is staffed 24/7, 100% of the time by New Market Volunteers and equipped by New Market Volunteers. However, the unit itself is Tax Funded and owned by the Department of Fire/Rescue Services. As we continue to grow, in the future we hope to own both Ambulances ourselves just as we last did back in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

This adventure and element of public service would not be possible without the cooperation of Frederick Department of Fire/Rescue Services, the effort and commitment put forward by our Volunteers and ultimately the unwavering support shown by our community.

Units: A158