New Market Volunteers Run Serious Accident
By Firefighter Kiefer Klingensmith
July 6, 2020

On Monday July 6th around 21:54 hrs, units from Green Valley and New Market were alerted for a vehicle accident with multiple injuries on Lynn Burke Rd. E251, A259, and A159 responded initially. While responding Frederick advised of possible entrapment and ejection, bringing RS15, Chief 15-1 and Chief 15-2 to the call. Engine 251 arrived on the scene, established the command and found one patient partially ejected. Command requested aviation and a third BLS unit, bringing A158 to the scene. Moments later Rescue Squad 15, Chief 15-1 and Chief 15-2 arrived on the scene. Chief 15-2 assumed the command and Rescue Squad 15's crew assisted with lighting and patient care, with one patient being in cardiac arrest. E152 was dispatched and responded for the helicopter landing zone, however they were canceled while responding. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the crews on the scene, one patient did not survive. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the victims. Support 15 was also requested to the scene for additional lighting. Units operated on the scene for approximately one hour before returning to service.

Units: RS15 A158 A159 C15-1 C15-2 SUP15 E152
Mutual Aid: E251 A259 EMS901 BAT901 M23 TRPR3