Live Fire Exercise Training
By Recruiter Ben Harris
October 31, 2020

On Saturday 10/31/2020, volunteers from New Market District Volunteer Fire Company attended a lengthy day of training at the Frederick County Public Safety Training Center to include nine (9) live burn exercises. During the event volunteers were able to enhance skills they previously acquired, while many picked up additional knowledge from the instructors. Nearly fifty (50) Volunteers from New Market District VFC attended this valuable training. We would like to Thank the Department of Fire and Rescue Services and Volunteer Services staff that was present and helped us during the training event as well as United Steam Fire Company and Middletown Volunteer Fire Company for providing fill-in coverage while we attended the training.

Units: E152 RS15 SUP15 A159 B156 U15 C15 C15-1 BOATSUP15 BT15 DIVE15 BT15-1