2021 Department Election Results and Appointed Officer Selection
By Fire Chief Benjamin Nalborczyk
January 1, 2021

On Wednesday December 30th the departments membership came in socially distanced and masked to cast a ballet, during this meeting our elections for our 2021 Administrative and Operational Officers were held. Below are the results of the elections,

President Paul Hackey
Vice President Phil Gamble
Treasurer Phil Walsky
Assistant Treasurer Ashley Poole
Secretary Jessica Decker
Assistant Secretary Lauryn McChesney
Fire Chief Benjamin Nalborczyk
Deputy Fire Chief William Kennedy Jr
1st Assistant Fire Chief Mathew Bowles

Board of Directors 2020-2021
Matthew Chapman
Bruce Johnson
Shawn Garst
Gregory Lawson

Board of Directors 2021-2022
Timothy Fossett
Kelly Nalborczyk
Perry Lawson
Michael Constantine

Appointed Operational Officers for 2021:

2nd Assistant Fire Chief Tanner Williamson
Assistant Chief of Safety James Betts
Captain Kelly Nalborczyk
Captain Richard Kreitzer Jr
EMS Captain Eric Stackhouse
Lieutenant Matthew Chapman
Lieutenant William Kennedy III
EMS Lieutenant Ashley Poole
EMS Lieutenant Brooke Bennett
Sergeant Conway Parrish
Sergeant Tyler Fuller
Sergeant Kiefer Klingensmith
Sergeant Michael Constantine
Sergeant Shawn Garst
Sergeant Katie Chapman
EMS Sergeant Rebecca Temple
Public Information Officer Charles Steed
Fire Police Captain Larry Beard
Chaplain Gary White
Dive Team Captain David Eaves
Dive Team Lieutenant Justin Wright
Quartermaster Philip Walsky
Asst. Quartermaster Christian Wright

We would like to Thank the outgoing 2020 Officers for their hard work and support of our organization.