Units Respond to Possible Drowning in Lake Linganore
By Sergeant Kiefer Klingensmith
December 30, 2020

On Wednesday December 30th at 1650 hours, units were dispatched for a possible drowning in the area of Nightingale Beach on Lake Linganore. Bot Support 15, Boat 15, Dive 15, Boat 15-1, Rescue Squad 15, Engine 152 , Engine 153, Ambulances 158 & 159, Chiefs 15 & 15-1 and Dive Commander 15 responded immediately. While in route communications advised that there was a possible baby that had drowned near the Esplanade. Rescue Squad 15 and Ambulance 159 responded to the Coldstream beach and deployed on foot to the Esplanade the remainder of the units responded to the Nightingale beach. Boat 15 was launched to begin a search of the area. Boat 15 was able to make contact with the investigative group (RS15) and determined that a deceased cat is what the caller saw in the lake. The assignment was quickly scaled back to company 15 units only. Boat 15’s crew removed the deceased cat from the water and crews return to service within 30 minutes.

Units: E152 E153 RS15 BT15 BT15-1 BOATSUP15 DIVE15 C15 C15-1 A158 A159
Mutual Aid: BT2 RS24 A339 M17 M2 CCDIVE13 BAT901 SFT901 EMS901 C24