First Due Hazmat Investigation
By Sergeant Kiefer Klingensmith
June 30, 2021

On Wednesday, June 30th around 0215 hours company 15 and other First battalion companies where alerted for HVAC odor in the 6800 block of Woodbridge rd. E152 (Lt.Chapmen, 4) RS15 (Sgt.Klingensmith, 5) A158 (Decker) and C15-1 responded immediately with 13 volunteers. E152 arrived first to find a 2 story home with normal conditions and deployed a hose line and established command. Chief 15-1 arrived moments later and assumed the command. E152 and RS15 operated in the investigation group along with the Hazmat group. HIRT 33 and Special Ops 50 arrived a short time later and began to meter the residence with negative results. The assignment was scaled back to HIRT33 and Special Ops 50 only.

Units: E152,RS15,A158 and C15-1
Mutual Aid: HIRT33 SUPPORT33 Special ops 50 Bat.901 Safety 901 ET114 and A247