Rollover accident with multiple trauma’s
By Sergeant Kiefer Klingensmith
July 25, 2021

On Sunday, July 25th around 1400 hours RS15(4, SGT Klingensmith), E152(4, AFC Bowles) E153(6, AFC Williamson), A158(EMS SGT. Temple) and C15-1(DFC Kennedy) along with Carroll County Station 1 Units were alerted for a vehicle accident with rollover in the area of Interstate 70 eastbound at Route 75. While responding Communications advised that they had received multiple calls at various locations between Frederick city and New Market. RS15 and E152 proceeded westbound on 70, when RS15 advised that the correct location was Interstate 70 eastbound at the 62 mile marker and there was a single vehicle on its side. BC901 arrived on scene first and established the interstate 70 command. He further advised there were multiple patients some requiring aviation. RS15, E152 and A158 arrived moments later and began patient care. At this time, command requested aviation for two trauma patients and an additional three ALS units and two additional BLS transport units. C15-1 arrived and assumed the command from BC901. E153 arrived a short time later and began assisting EMS crews with logistical needs. All patients were transported to nearby trauma centers. Crews worked the scene for approximately one hour before returning to service.

Units: RS15 E152 E153 A158 and C15-1
Mutual Aid: CCR1 CCA18 MCPRE709 M17 M31 A339 A259 EMS901 BAT.901 Safety 901