NMDVFC Thanks Local Businesses For Their Donations
By Technician Matthew Thews
August 13, 2021

We would like to thank two local businesses who have stepped up to donate their services in our time of need. These are Hey Now Auto Detailing and Samuda Mobile Detailing. They have each assisted with the detailing of our 1984 Mack, Engine 153. This ensures that this unit along with others will be able to help lay to rest two important community members and service providers who we lost this week.

The first was the untimely death of Battalion Chief (posthumous promotion) Joshua Laird in the line of duty Wednesday evening while riding Engine 251 out of the Green Valley Fire Station. BC Laird not only worked at Station 25, but also at Station 15 for several years. He will be missed by many and our prayers remain with his family, friends, and fellow providers.

This week we also lost a charter and life member, Mrs. Barbara Zimmerman. Mrs. Zimmerman passed away on Thursday, August 12th. She was a mainstay of the Ladies Auxiliary and a pivotal member of the company. She will be fondly remembered and sorely missed by all. Our prayers are also with her family and friends.

We cannot adequately express our appreciation for how the community has stepped up to assist the family of BC Laird, the fire company, and honoring the memory of Mrs. Zimmerman.