Large Garage Fire off McKaig Rd
September 30, 2021

Around 12:13, Station 15 was alerted to an outside investigation for smoke in the area in area of McKaig Rd and Gas House Pk. A few minutes later, ECC dispatched a small building fire in the 7400blk of McKaig Rd. Once enroute, E153 saw a large column of smoke in the same area and was added to the building fire. A first arriving member went on the scene with a large 60'x60' garage, mostly involved in fire, well away from any residence and confirmed everyone out. While waiting for units to arrive, the owners removed 2 large fuel tanks from next to the building.
First arriving E153 laid a supply line from the road and up the drive way. Rural water supply operations were used with 2 separate dump sites to maximize operations up separate driveways. With a crew of 4, E153 pulled a 2 1/2" line and started extinguishment on the most threatened areas of the building and exposures. Other units started arriving and assisting with fire attack and in the process, a workshop for the owner was saved with little smoke and water damage. The rest of the building was a total loss.
A Tanker Task Force was called to assist with rural water operations. All personnel worked hard and were able to save 2 exposure buildings with little damage.

Units: E153 RS15
Mutual Aid: ET114, Q11, E172, T17,B175, E331, E23, T33, T1, T9, E501, BAT901, BAT902, SCAPT900, SFT900, TRNBAT900, T23, ET224, CCT1, ET84, ET134, E161, ET204, CCET84, OPSAC900