Dive Team Apparatus Expansion
By Fire Chief Benjamin Nalborczyk
January 14, 2022

Recently based on a large community benefactor, we were able to purchase a 7' x 16' Trailer from Southern Trailer Depot, LLC in Georgia, this trailer will be known as Dive Trailer 15 and will be the primary response unit for the Dive Team towed by our previously donated vehicle from Arcola VFD in Loudoun County, VA. Since the Dive Team has been moved to our station, the team continues to grow and expand its membership and capabilities, this trailer is the next level in team enhancements. Enhancements like such would not be capable without the contributions and support of our community we serve and the hard working members of the Dive Team and department. Stay tuned as we provide more updates as we ready the trailer to serve.

Units: DIVE-15