Injured Person With Slope Evac
By Assistant Fire Chief Mathew Bowles
January 18, 2022

At 11:14hrs Monday January 17th, 2022, A159 was alerted to Hemlock Point Road, "The Bowl," a very popular sledding area in the Lake Linganore Pinehurst subdivision. Chief 15 requested Rescue Squad 15 to be added to the call due to CAD notes stating the injured patient was currently located the bottom of the bowl. Upon arrival of RS15 and Chief 15-2 it was quickly determined that a slope evacuation with a stokes basket and rope system would be the best means of egress for the patient. Chief 15-2 established command and requested an alternate channel along with ALS resources and manpower. Additional units E152, A158, BOATSUP15 and Medic 17 were then added to the incident. A159 (Medical Group) worked to stabilize the patient’s injury and package the patient while RS15 and other assigned units (Rescue Group) set up rigging for the slope evacuation. The patient was successfully removed from the bottom of the Bowl and transported to the local area hospital with minor injuries.

Units: RS15, E152, A159, A158, BOATSUP15, C15-2
Mutual Aid: M17
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