Engine Company assist Winfield with Working Fire
By Fire Chief Benjamin Nalborczyk
March 1, 2022

At 1504hrs Station-15 was alerted to transfer an Engine Company to Mount Airy VFC, Engine-153(FC Nalborczyk) responded immediately with four (4) personnel, while on the way to CCCo.1, E153 was alerted to assist units already on the scene of multiple house trailers on fire in the 5900blk of Woodbine Rd. Upon arrival on the scene E153's Driver assisted Howard County Tanker 17 with supplying water to the scene and the crew reported to manpower staging, the crew was later pulled to assist with mopping up on the scene until returned to service. While operating on this scene NMDVFC DFRS staff covered A159 which was also transferred to MAVFC and additional DFRS and Volunteer staff covered E152 and A158 in quarters.

Units: E153