Recognition of EMS Excellence
By Public Information Officer Charles Steed
September 28, 2022

On August 17, 2022 at 19:03, 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Specialist Browning
received a 911 call for service; he determined the patient was unconscious and not
breathing. He sent the call to dispatch so units could be started to the residence but
remained on the line with the caller and started the Cardiac Arrest protocol and provided
CPR instructions to the caller and another family member. He utilized the Compression
monitor tool in ProQA to ensure compression rate and consistency while encouraging the
caller to focus on the CPR instructions being provided until EMS arrived on the scene.
Ambulance 159, Engine 152, Medic 17 and EMS 902 were dispatched to the incident in the
New Market area for a cardiac arrest. The dispatcher reported CPR instructions were being
provided to a family member on the scene and CPR was in progress.
Ambulance 159 arrived on the scene to find the patients wife performing CPR. Engine 152's
crew took over CPR while Ambulance 159's crew applied the AED. After receiving 9 minutes
of CPR along with three shocks delivered from the AED the patient regained a pulse. The
patient regained consciousness upon the arrival of Advanced Life Support who then started
ALS care to include the administration of ALS medications.
The patient was moved from the house to the ambulance using a Reeve's stretcher and ALS
care continued while enroute to Frederick Health Hospital. The patient remained conscious
and alert and care was turned over to FHH staff.
The patient was discharged from the hospital on August 23, with no neurological deficit.

Units: A159,E152
Mutual Aid: Medic 17, EMS 902, 911 Dispatcher