By Board of Directors Greg Lawson
July 23, 2020

"A teenage boy died after jumping into Lake Linganore from a concrete walkway Thursday afternoon, according to emergency officials.

The boy was with another person on the walkway across the lake from Nightingale Beach at about 1:40 p.m. Thursday when he jumped down into the water, said Chief Ben Nalborczyk, of the New Market Volunteer Fire Co. For reasons not yet known to rescue officials, the teen was trapped underwater and his companion quickly called 911 to request help, the chief said, adding that a New Market station volunteer who lives in the area was the first to arrive on the scene and reach the boy.

“He actually established contact with the individual, however, he was just not strong enough to get him out of the water,” Nalborczyk said.

Boats from New Market arrived a short time later and quickly put a diver in the water, Nalborczyk said. From there, the boat returned to its launch point on Nightingale Beach, and the teen was loaded into an ambulance headed to the Frederick Health Hospital, the chief said.

The teen was unresponsive when rescue officials reached him and they initiated CPR as soon as he was brought aboard the boat to be brought back to the shore. Emergency rescue personnel were still giving the teen CPR when the ambulance left for the hospital, Nalborczyk said.

The teen, who was 15, was pronounced dead at the Frederick Health Hospital later Thursday, according to Taylor Clarke, a spokeswoman for the Frederick County Sheriff's Office."


This Incident is from 7-23-20 !!!

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